Hello everyone,
Sorry for the later than usual blog post but it’s been half term here for the last 2 weeks 😩😂 we’ve survived 🙌🏻. 
However, once you finish work, you get home do the normal routine and then all of a sudden look at the time and it’s like 21:30 😱 anyways here now and full of exciting news for you all... 😬
This month, Bow Box is super duper exciting because our original box has had a little, tiny makeover to match this months theme and of course to celebrate our 1st birthday in style.
Bow Box June

Yes I know I can’t quite believe it myself that it’s been a whole year of Bow Box but I guess the saying goes that time flies when you’re having fun right… and well we’ve definitely loved every minute 🤷🏻‍♀️

We are smitten with the design and we think you’ll love our birthday collectors edition too.. we’d love to see pics of how you use your boxes so please tag us or use the #bowboxuk on insta, Facebook or twitter.

Along with the change to the design comes some very new and exciting changes that will happen as we proceed into our second year.
Firstly, and most important, we are changing the Day that Bow Box is released. From now on Bow Box day will happen on the 1st of every month. So basically we are changing the release date from the 8th of the month to the 1st of the month. This just means that we can run things a bit more smoother and we can coincide with each month. It’s a change we wanted to implement for a while now but as the first box was released on the 8th we didn’t want to complicate things by changing it around but as we are now proceeding to our second year of Bow Box, we would like to make this change sooner rather than later.

Subscribers you do not need to worry as we will do all of the manual updating of your box dates automatically so they’ll be nothing you need to change- you just need to be aware and prepared that it will now be moved back by one week. The good news is that the next Bow Box day will come around a lot sooner.. now that is good news right 😁

The next biggest change for us is that there will now be unlimited boxes. We listen to our customers valuable feedback and hearing how so many of you have missed out each month just makes us all here at Bow Box very sad, so our reason for implementing this was so that it’s not always a mad dash on one day that you can pick up your monthly bow box throughout the month.

We will try to keep the sale of the boxes going continuously from the first day of the month to the very last day of the month. The only time that this may not happen, is if it’s a special edition box in which case there will be a trigger point after which we will stop selling. (For example this month there will be a cut off).

And the final change is of course mentioned above that you will now see special edition boxes.. These will not be every month but they will be randomly and sporadically placed throughout the year so look out for these extra special limited edition boxes.

We also have some huge business changes in the pipeline- look out for sneaky peeks of these as we go on.. including new premises and new team members and new equipment 😁
Also if your still here reading (hi) we also wanted to tell you a secret about this months Box. For those of you who have done the full circle with us and subscribed to every single box for the last year we have sent you a little extra gift with your order. We hope you like it. 
For those of you who have just joined us, we will be selling these gifts later on at a huge special offer price for bow box subscribers for this month only so look out for our emails for the voucher code.
Also tomorrow evening we will put up a secret blog for those of you who have received their box for you to see our new Bella Bow on all the different ways to make it and how to put it together as we know things are not always as simple as the picture looks. We say secret because we don’t want to spoil it for anyone who wants it to be a suprise so only click the link if you want to. 

We hope you like all of the changes above and would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave us any comments or suggestions below…

Lots of love

Founder of Bow Box & Eliza Henri Crafts
June 08, 2018 — Charlotte Marku


Paris said:

Happy Birthday to Bow Box! I remember getting my first one (being the Halloween one) and loving it. You’ve done an amazing job each month with them! You should be so proud 😍👌

yvette said:

well I might not be one of the lucky ones but I can’t wait to see that box arriving on my door step! and hey who doesn’t love a discount. congratulations again on the birthday 🎂

Hayley said:

It all sounds so exciting! This is my first bow box as I’m just starting out but I love the mystery of it all so would love the element of surprise to continue! Cannot wait to open my first box when it arrives, I just hope it arrives soon!! Congratulations on your first year and exciting times ahead!!

Sarah said:

I can’t waot!! Have been with you since day one! Keep up the amazing work!

Sophie said:

I hope I was the annual member I’m sure I was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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