Hi Ladies....
Thank you all so much for entering our Bow Box mermaid competition again this month.
Thank you all for kindly submitting all your entries via our facebook VIP customer group, if you purchased a monthly box and want to get involved for next months box just send us a request to join the group HERE so you can enter our monthly competition post...
I have to tell you this month really has been the hardest so far to choose a winner because the quality of the entries is just so high. You are all incredibly talented which makes it super hard for me.
I usually choose only 5 winners but I've had to bend the rules this time as I just couldn't bring myself to get it down to 5, so this month we have a total of 6 winners.
So here we are in no particular order, this months winners are as follows...
Welcome to our Bow box mermaid competition announcement blog and without further ado here are this month's lucky winners and are reason why.....
Lauren Hannah
bow box mermaid competition
I absolutely love the creativity of this bow because of the perfect placement of the fabric felt and the mermaid charm, plus the tiny little seahorse embellishment at the top just totally swung it for me.
Robyn Halliday
bow box mermaid competition
I love how you've used our gorgeous lace fabric felt combined with the Bow Box template and the mermaid charm, its just so unique.
Leanne Olsen
bow box mermaid competition
Leanne has won it once before for her creativity and here she is again in our top 6 winners. I just love how you've been so creative with the template and all the added embellishments just really makes it so different from any other entry.
Lynze Scarlett
bow box mermaid competition
This is just adorable, how you've taken the template and transformed it into a whole new way of using it. So much effort and creativity here, how could we not choose you in our top 6 :)
Carolanne Read
bow box mermaid competition
Absolutely love the creativity here again using our Sizzix award die to create this beautiful birthday badge. I love the placement of the flowers and the mermaid clay charm, its just super pretty.
Kirsty Rowlands
bow box mermaid competition
I love how you've been able to create so many beautiful bows using only the contents of the box which is what we love to see and what it's all about. Each of the bows are beautiful so we just couldn't resist this entry :)
Thank you all so much for entering and if you didn't win this month, don't be disheartened, just don't forget to enter next months competition as you never know it could be you...
Now head on over to our facebook page as we are about to start the vote for the Final winner.. Good luck ladies...
March 24, 2018 — Bold Apps


Leanne Olsen said:

Thank you so much for choosing me again! Xx

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