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Our August Bow Box marks the introduction of our brand new BB 'Craft It' range. We are launching our new range of Bow Box Craft It kits initially in our Bow Box but we will also be stocking an exclusive range on our website later this season.
Our monthly Bow Boxes, since January this year, have included a template in every box and this is because we know that some of you who purchase our monthly subscription box, are new to bow making and are interested to learn how to craft. Often when you are presented with a collection of materials, it can be overwhelming as to know where to start or what to create and so that's why we have always included a template to give you that instant starting point. We also include just the right amount of materials to sample so that you are not overwhelmed.
Our intentions with the new Craft Kits are to develop further on that idea and bring you more & more inspiration, by providing a kit that you can create with and then go on to develop the idea further yourselves.
You do this every month with our templates, you take the initial idea and expand it and its so lovely to see you all creating the most beautiful products and you inspire us so much to keep developing. 
We will continue with the exclusive template in every box, but every so often they may appear in one of our Craft It kits. The Craft It kits will also be available to buy separately and there will always be a feature inspiration blog alongside it to help you and a guide to refer to, should you need it.

AUGUST Autumn Acorn Headband Craft It Kit-

How to make Your Headband


Lets get crafting it...

What you need-

Your BB Craft It Kit- which includes 1 x brown satin headband, 4 x A6 merino wool blend felt sheets, 4 x fluffy foam balls, 1 x exclusive acorn leaf template set.


Hot Glue Gun

Fabric Scissors or sharp scissors to cut felt.

A needle and thread for decoration (optional).



How to Craft It-


1. Firstly, take your acorn templates and place them onto your felt sheets and draw around them. Using fabric scissors, proceed to cut out your leaf shapes. We cut out 4 oak leaves, 4 normal leafs and 2 acorn cup hats but there's room for flexibility here depending on what you want to create, you can add more or less.


2. Next take your hot glue gun and pinch the bottom of the leaf shapes as shown here and add a dot of glue to hold. Repeat this on all leaf shapes. Next you can begin positioning and placing your leaves as shown below. You do not have to follow exactly what we have done, leaf positioning is entirely inspirational but if you want to follow what we have done we added the acorn leaves on top and the regular leaf shapes underneath.


3. Next, cut or carefully remove the wire attached to the foam balls and safely discard this. Your foam ball will be your acorn nut shape. Take your acorn cup hats and hot glue them carefully onto the top of the acorn at the place where you detached the wire. This will cover the small hole where the wire once was and stop any foam escaping from the ball. We cut our acorn hats out in the dark brown felt to get the best effect but you could get really creative and use other materials like glitter for these.


4. Your foam ball and felt hats should now resemble cute acorn shapes. Next glue them into the center of you leaf shapes. Again positioning is completely optional, but we chose to center them.

We also cut out tiny stalks using the dark brown Felt for the acorn . 


5. Your acorn headband is almost complete. At this stage we took our needle and thread and began stitching a leaf pattern using a mustard thread to oomph up our leaves and really make them stand out. You can use any autumn colour thread and can stitch any leaf pattern but we kept it simple and stitched onto our oak leaves.

6. Finally take your felt leaf cluster and hot glue it to one side of your brown satin band. We also added a small felt circle in brown to the underneath of the headband once we had attached the acorn leaf set, to neaten it up, ensure it was extra secure and more comfortable fit for a younger child, but its not necessary to add extra felt, its entirely at your own discretion.


And that's it ... all done... we cant wait to see all your creations.

Acorn headband

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we just cant wait to see :)






  • Wendy

    Amazing getting more excited waiting for mine to arrive Charlotte x


    Such a brilliant idea Charlotte, I can’t wait to make mine. :)

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