happy new year from Bow Box

Happy New Year from all of us here at Eliza Henri Crafts

 We are so excited to reveal so many things to you coming this year. We have been repeating ourselves a lot lately that we have big plans for the New Year...but we are not joking, all will be announced very soon.
We had a fabulous Spring launch on Friday night when we reopened, with so many of our gorgeous new glitter fabrics and artisan felt fabrics selling out. We will be restocking most products shortly and our Big Spring Launch Part 2 is due in 2 weeks’ time- Date TBA.
ice cream glitter fabric
We've also just shown our VIP Group on facebook our new Broderie Anglaise felt fabric which will be added to the website one evening this week. We always test the quality of our materials before we release them and we are made up with the finished result. Our customer group seemed to love it too. Its the perfect fabric for the new season and we've not seen anyone else use it for bows yet, so its quite a unique idea. It will be available in both pink and white initially.
broderie anglaise felt fabric
 Also December Bow Box contents are due on the website this week, again I’ll confirm which day on our Facebook and Instagram page so please make sure you are following us on either site.
You will also notice that since December our dispatch has now come right down and we are currently working on our 1-3 working days turnaround which we will continue to maintain now throughout the year. We hope you will appreciate there may be times we can't always keep to this but as we always have been, we will continue to be transparent about this. However, right now, dispatch time is our biggest focus and we hope to give you the best service we can.
The first new addition to our business is our brand new gorgeous metallic packaging. We’ve said goodbye to our old pink floral mail bags that we’ve had since we opened a year ago & we are welcoming our gorgeous new shiny silver bags for 2018. Some of you who ordered just before Christmas will have already received some of your parcels in our pretty new silver metallic foil packaging. We absolutely love it and we’ve already received some amazing feedback on this. In the meantime whilst we phase it in, you may still receive some of your parcels in some of older bags whilst we finish our older stock. Hopefully by the end of January, all new packaging will be in place.
Eliza Henri Crafts Packaging
Bow Box packaging will also change to gold metallic bags, again as soon as we phase the older style bags out.
Bow Box is also changing slightly but I don’t want to spoil surprises, so I’m going to let you see that surprise for yourself and we’ll catch up on a later blog all about it. ;)
You are going to love it.
The Bow Box release date will stay the same, which is currently the 8th of every month. This month due to the holiday period of Xmas/New Year, we are running a few days behind on schedule. This could mean that our January Bow Box release date may have to be postponed by a few days. If this is the case we will make that announcement this weekend. The likelihood of this happening is higher than we like, but this will only mean that it will be postponed by 3 to 4 days maximum on dispatch. Next month's Bow Box will resume to normal dispatch day of the 8th February.
I can tell you that this month’s new Bow Box is incredible and we are really starting off the New Year with a bang. I’ll try not to release any clues just yet, I know the suspense is the worst part…but do keep an eye on all of our social media channels and our blog page as we will pop up some clues soon. Also make sure you sign up for our emails, you might find some clues in one of those.
You may have also noticed our new star review stickers, we genuinely love to hear back from our customers, positive feedback is so great for any business but we also love the feedback that can help us improve, so please let us know if you’d like to see any changes or feel free to drop a comment below about any items that we don’t stock that you might like to see in the new year.
Review our nylon headbands
There are 4 other huge changes that will hopefully come late January- early February. These are big changes for our business which are basically improvements to our existing product ranges and extensions on things we already provide…with some extra new things too.
This year we will be keeping things a lot more secretive until we are ready to release, disappointing yes but due to the fact that we spent most of last year dealing with imitations of our products on the market we just don’t have the time or energy for it. Whilst we are flattered that people like our style, we prefer originality and our promise to you this year is that we will continue to be our original self. Whilst we can’t stop people copying our ideas, products and image we will protect what we do create and our intellectual property. (Including our words- copying a websites wording is called Plagiarism).
Alongside all of the above we promise to keep bringing you the very best and newest products we can find but if there’s something we don’t currently stock and you’d love to get it, then please don't hesitate to pop your comments below...we’d love to hear from you.
Thank you all once again for your continued support this last year. We cannot thank you enough and we can’t wait to hear from so many of you again in this New Year.
Happy 2018 fellow crafters,
Love from all of us here at
Team EHC & Bow Box
January 01, 2018 — Bold Apps


Eliza Henri Crafts said:

Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback xx

Aw loved reading this Char,well done look forward to the next link Xxxx said:

Amazing well done hun xxx

Jennifer said:

How exciting. I love the broderie anglaise. When are you releasing this? ?

Emma said:

Very excited. Love the blog and the new fabric is beautiful. When is being released please? Xx

Hazel Thain said:

I’ve just sent you an order and I was wondering if I could add to it please

Katie said:

Perfectblog. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2018. Happy new year hun xx

Amy said:

Ahhhh fabulous blog gorg! Well done you xxx

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