Nylon braided knit fabric strips

As a craft supply shop, we are always looking for innovative ways of offering unique, on trend but simple to use products for all our customers- which is were our ready to use nylon strips fall into place.. 

Welcome to a new innovative way of creating....


With the success of our bullet fabric we knew this would be a winner with you all too. Since we first put the spotlight on bullet fabric in the UK market, during a worldwide pandemic, our bullet fabric had us all dusting off our sewing machines and making all kinds of beautiful products. Ranging from hairbows to headwraps, skirts & dresses and so much more. Our new found love for this fabric was a gamechanger and the best medicine to get us through 2020. 

However, now as we start a brand new year, we wanted to bring you a brand new range to fall in love with all over again... even stretchier than our bullet fabrics.. what??!!

We often get asked if we will ever offer our bullet fabric as pre cut strips. We delved into the idea but we wanted to come up with something better, so we began to research and this is how we came across our brand new super stretchy nylon limitless strips, which offer you just what you need. A simple way to create headwraps and bows using a pre cut method, that only requires the most basic of sewing skills to create a finished, high end product. Our strips come in pre cut lengths (approx 110-120 cm) but always at least a metre. We do not currently offer these in continuous pieces, so if you do purchase more than 1, you will receive them in the above pre cut lengths... so what next..

 No need to cut or measure your headband widths, as our limitless strips are almost like a tube of fabric, open at both ends, so you do not need to join them together and the rest will require bare minimal sewing skills. I am by far not a natural sewer, I have very basic skills and yet all you need to do is sew 2 ends together to make a head wrap... If i can do it, I have every faith in you guys.

However- If sewing headwraps or headbands isn't really your thing, then don't worry, this fabric also offers you the option to create the most elegant bows. It allows you to create beautiful, non sew bows, just like our bullet fabric, as our limitless strips are also non fray.  #Winning

Tried & Tested

We let some of our customer's try it out & here's what they thought and more importantly what beautiful things they created...

"It's so easy to work with and more stretchy than the bullet fabric."

Flutterbye Bowtique

Here is a no sew version of what you can create with this product

Flutterbye Bowtique


Nylon Limitless Strips- Pure White        


Nylon Limitless Strips- Blushing Bride


Nylon Limitless Strips- 

Black Jack

Nylon Limitless Strips- 

Hint of Mint

January 01, 2021 — Charlotte Marku

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