Zebra Light Reactive Colour Change Fabric


This fabric is designed to show one design when in standard room light then when it is exposed to sunlight (uv rays) an array of colours appear literally before your eyes.

Composition: 95%CO / 5%EL
Width: 150 CM
Width: 60 Inch
Weight: 200 gsm

Sold in FQ, Half Metre and Metres.



Disclaimer- Please note all of our colour change fabrics has a shelf life and the more exposure to the sun will affect the overall colour change process. This will therefore work best if not left for long periods of time in the sunshine.
Normal use conditions, 1000 - 2000 cyclic utilization- therefore you mustn’t keep it in the sunlight for more than 3 hours or it will affect the overall changing process. Do not leave in direct sunshine when not in use.