Nylon Limitless Strips- Lush Lemon

Please Note- Our Nylon Limitless strips are of a high quality but they are of a delicate nature and therefore can snag easy, this is not a fault with the fabric its just the nature of the product.
We recommend removing all jewellery before use.
Nylon Limitless strips are sold in lengths of approximately 110cm-120cm- lengths will vary but will always be 1 metre or more.
Each strip is a continuous tube like fabric made of super soft and stretchy nylon. The tube has no closures at either end and therefore open at both sides.
It holds its shape and is luxuriously thick and of a high quality.
Our strips can be used to make headwraps, hair ties, pinch bows and other various creations. We recommend joining our facebook group for all the info you need.

To remove any creases just stretch slowly and gently on one side and then repeat on the opposite side.  If you overstretch this fabric, you just need to do a cold hand wash & leave the strip to air dry until it regains its shape.  The fabric may come wrinkled from shipping and packaging.  You can Steam it, tumble dry low or as above stretch both vertically & horizontally to remove any creases.
Approximately 1 metre length or more. (110cm-120cm lengths vary).