Paint me Pretty Colour Change Fabric

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Introducing our brand new light reactive colour changing leatherette fabric. Our gorgeous unique fabric reacts with light and changes from white to pink in the daylight plus other colours in the range too .. making this the perfect fabric for your spring summer range.
Available in A4 sheets or A3 if you order 2 pieces we will always try to send as one piece.
Please note this is the same colour as the paint me Pretty pink we sold previously, the only thing 5that has changed is that it not has a soft felt backing like most of the fabrics/leathers we sell online. 
Please note this fabrics has a shelf life and the more exposure to the sun will affect the colour change process. This will therefore work best if not left for long periods of time in the sunshine.
Normal use conditions, 1000 - 2000 cyclic utilization- therefore you mustn’t keep it in the sunlight for more than 3 hours or it will affect the changing process.