Exclusive Daisy Fluffy Flower Pop Babies Bow Centre Felties


These super cute daisy bow centre felties position perfectly around your bows as the centre to give it the perfect Finishing touch a spin off of 2 of your favourite embroidery concepts in our shop- our fluffy fur babies and our bow poip ups, we've combined them to create something even more unique and fun for you.  The only difference is you don't need as much fluff with these.

We've used the 3.5'' Bonnie bow for these pictures.

Simply cut carefully around your stitched bow centre as shown in the picture and then glue around the centre of your bow shape. 

Bow centres come uncut and bows come unmade and you will need sharp scissors to carefully cut these out. You will also receive the top face and a very small piece of fluff.

Please remember that turnaround for all embroidered items is anything from 7-21 working days but we will dispatch these as soon as possible.