Bow Box® May Too Cool for School Exclusive Monthly Bow Makers Fabric Subscription Box

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Bow-Box ® is the UK's Number 1 Craft Fabric Subscription Box

delivered straight to your door.
  • Are you fed up of missing out on brand new materials because they sell out before you get to checkout? ... 
  • Fed up of missing out on new product launches?
  • or want to learn how to make your own hair bows?
Then fret no more .. we have the perfect solution right here.
Every month our hair bow making fabric bundle contains the newest products we have sourced, the most on trend and up to date, never been seen before materials, to help your business boom.
No more fastest finger first- by subscribing to our bow maker's box, we're guaranteeing you every month the hottest materials before they even hit our shelves - delivered straight to your door.  
We've searched all over to bring to you the best and most trendy materials we can find, we know how important it is to be on trend in a big market, which is why we created Bow-Box- to give you that one step ahead of the rest.
Whether making bows is a hobby, job or your passion, then our subscription box is the perfect answer for keeping you clued up. It’s not only perfect for businesses but it's the perfect little box for mum's who enjoy making bows because it contains just the right amount of materials every month.
New Boxes are always released on the 1st of EVERY MONTH and then shipped out between 20th-25th of the month.
 Last Day to sign up for that months box is therefore the 19th. After this the product disappear from the site and reappear at 9am, on the 1st day of the next month.

In our brand new 4 x 4 boxes you will always receive 
  • 4 A4 Full sized Fabric Sheets
  • 4 A5 Fabric Sheets
  • plus one small themed free surprise gift every month extra.
All prints in the box will be made exclusively for us,alongside brand new glitters, leathers, fabric felts or felts. The materials vary every month.
All we can promise is..
  • It's always related to bow making.
  • We've never released it before.
  • Every box is a surprise, full of newbies and never revealed by us-  only by our customers.

Join the hype just hash tag us on Instagram #elizahenricrafts #bowboxuk 

You can also save money by subscribing for 6 months or 12 months at a time.
By signing up for 6 months you save 6% overall and 12% for a 12 months subscription.
If you'd like to see what's inside our monthly boxes look out for sneaky peeks and our video unboxings will be returning on our YouTube channel.

Please remember that Bow Box is not dispatched immediately and therefore if you order other items, there will be a longer wait for you to receive these.

Last day to purchase is the 19th.

Subscriptions begin to dispatch on the 20th of every month and if you purchased the box as a non subscription this will be posted after the all subscriptions have gone between the 20th-25th

New sign ups are not classed as subscribers until the next month.

Last day to sign up for this months box is always the 19th of the month after this the box will close and reopen again on the 1st of the following month. There are now unlimited sign ups for the box which means every customer can order one.