EXCLUSIVE The IT Bow Hair Die Compatible with Big Shot- New now in 5 sizes

Our EXCLUSIVE It Bow Die Cutter is now available in 5 beautiful sizes- once again we've bridged the gap between our largest and smallest and we are now able to offer you extra sizes in between.
The die for this It bow contains one bow shape and centre on one die. However we have managed to combine our 3'' and 2.5'' on to one die making it better value.
These are 3-D bows but are a flatter bow to achieve the shape and work well with both glitter and fabric felt. We prefer fabric felt as it really helps to hold the shape.

Our dies are designed by us at Eliza Henri crafts and therefore these cannot be replicated or reproduced.
They are custom made and are compatible with Sizzix Big shot and big shot plus and are suitable for use with all our materials.
For the largest bow the big shot will require extended plates to be compatible.
These are not for resale as dies or templates.
Protected by Copyright. This product can not be resold, altered or distributed. On purchasing this shape, you agree it is for the sole purpose of creating bows.
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