Pink & Purple Lux Premium Chunky Glitter Fabric Collection- 5 colours

Introducing another of our  NEW core glitter fabric collection. These glitter fabrics are from our core premium range. These 5 colour shades are your basic essentials for the perfect fabric collection. As these are already popular with our customers we have added them immediately as a core glitter collection.
Available in both A4 Sheets and Mini Rolls.
A4 Pack- 5 A4 Sheets- 1 of each colour 30 x 21 cm Sheets Approximately
Mini Rolls- 5 Rolls. 1 of each colour at 30 x 63 cm approximately
(Each Mini Roll is the equivalent of 3 A4 sheets together).
Our collections throughout our shop are put together to help save you both money and time. The more you buy the more you save.

We always carefully select a handful of fabrics that compliment each other - if you need a bit of help matching up fabrics, then these promotional packs are just for you. A way to try out our products at a discounted price.





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