Purely Purple Crushed Velvet Fabric Felt Sheets


A beautiful Crushed velvet fabric felt sheet backed with the highest quality wool blend matching rayon felt.

Approximately 1.5mm thick.

Fabric sold in pieces of 
30 x 20 cm almost A4 size.

Our fabric felts are of a very high quality and are backed onto either a matching colour co-ordinated Felt or a white merino blend wool felt.

If you are ordering 2 sheets of the 30x20cm this will be sent out as one piece measuring 30cm x 40cm.
However as our pieces are already cut if you order 4 sheets it will be sent as 30cm x 40cm sheets etc.

Pls note when cut all our fabrics by hand using a rotary cutter and although we do our best to cut exactly to the measurement please allow upto +/- 1-10mm difference.

Fabric is backed with co-ordinating Felt or white.

Please note if you are ordering fabric felts- the processing time is longer as these are not a bought in product we manufacture these ourselves. Please bare this in mind when ordering, delievery can be up to 10 working days at busy periods.