The Christmas Collection- Luxury Artisan Fabric Felts

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A beautiful collection of exclusive fabric felts backed with the highest quality wool blend rayon felt.

Our designs are pictured from left to right and this is the order they appear in the options list, and most designs are numbered for your reference. All designs are carefully chosen and all designs are small enough to fit on bows. We have exclusively chosen these designs but credit goes to HandMek for the digital illustrations.

Approximately 1.2-1.5 mm thick. Fabric sold in pieces of 30 x 20 cm.

Our fabric felts are high quality and are backed onto a matching colour Felt from either white, aqua, pink or lilac merino blend wool felt.

Credit goes to handmek for the digital illustrations in the Xmas children fabric.

If you are ordering 2 sheets of the 30 x 20 cm this will be sent out as one piece measuring 30 cm x 40 cm.
However as most of our pieces are already cut if you order 4 sheets it will be sent as 30 cm x 40 cm sheets etc.

Pls note when cut all our fabrics by hand using a rotary cutter and although we do our best to cut exactly to the measurement please allow up to +/- 1-10 mm difference.

Fabric is backed with coordinating Felt.

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