Our Story

eliza henri crafts about usHi everyone...

I’m Charlotte, the passionate owner & the driving force behind Eliza Henri Crafts.
We are a family run business that first started out selling handmade personalised items. I used to spend my days and spare time creating hand painted jute bags covered in copious amounts of sparkle, ribbon and bows. My bags were smothered in glitter and glitter decorated with bows made from glitter too. I was always approached by customers, who were mostly other small business owners, asking me where I had got my supplies from and this was when I started to realise I had a good eye for designs, colours and of course glitters. So in late 2016, I decided to expand our lovely business by introducing a Crafts section, stocking a range of all your lovely supplies.
We initially wanted to keep both sections open the personalised side and the craft side, running side by side but our craft section really took off and due to the volume of orders we have decided that unfortunately we will slowly be fading out the personalised product range by early 2017 and will become a full-time crafts supplier. Formally known as Eliza Henri Designs, we have now become Eliza Henri Crafts with a whole new revamped logo and a new sparkly look- we really hope you like it. :)
For the last 2 years I have been working towards this and alongside working full time, I am also studying for a HNC/D in Business Management.
In August 2016 I finished my HNC with distinctions in every module. I am now currently studying towards a degree in Business Management and I am really confident that our future at Eliza Henri Crafts is bright & sparkly- so I hope you will stay with us on this exciting journey.
I believe anything you want in life is achievable, you just have to work hard enough for it. 
With love Team Eliza Henri Crafts xxx