Bow Box Unicorn

April Bow Box Unicorn Competition Winner

Hello to all my Bow Box Beauties, 

Wow, Wow, Wow!! I have never found it so hard to pick a winner. I have been deliberating since last night and I must have changed my mind about ten times because the strength of the entries from you all have just been truly amazing. We have such an amazing group of talented and creative ladies, I am so proud and you really all should be super proud too.

This month was our busiest month so far... I had anticipated the unicorn box would be a hit but I hadn’t quite expected it to be such a hit that we sold out in less than 3 days, so once again thank you so very much for your continued custom. I had a lot of messages from disappointed customers who missed out on the Box but this is the reason I say every month and on all our videos, that the only way to guarantee you get a box every month, is to sign up and subscribe. Your subscription to our box guarantees that when we work out the numbers every month for stock that we will always have enough for your box. We also accommodate hundreds of extra boxes on top of our subscriptions and we always increase this every month but still each month we sell out. The only advice I can give to you is to be there from 9 am on the release date which is always the 8th of every month to guarantee that you bag yourself a box.

This months Bow Box is released on TUESDAY 8TH MAY from 9am.

Pop it in your diary and set your alarms, cos you don’t want to miss it.


So, without further ado, I have finalised our Top 5 Winners of this month’s competition in no particular order and here they are with the reasons why I have chosen you.


Lorna Thompson

I love how you’ve used other materials with our unicorn template to create this and to make it so different. It looks amazing. Well done Lorna.



Rihannah Davies

Beautiful entry. I love the colours you’ve used and beautifully modelled and it shows off our template so well along with our cute paper roses. Well done Rihannah.


Tanya Murphy

Such a simple but classic and elegant bow. Really creative way of using the paper roses to show off our gorgeous exclusive pink sleepy unicorn designs, very clever well done Tanya.


Colleen Zagni

Such an amazing entry and such an incredible amount of thought and creativity has gone into this. Well done, it looks brilliant Colleen.


Alice Jemima Vowles

 This entry really stood out again because of the thought and effort put into it. It looks incredible and so beautifully made using so many items from this month’s Bow Box -our tulle, glitter, template and roses. Well done Alice.



Thank you again to everyone who purchased this months Box. I have absolutely loved seeing all you creations and I cant wait to see what you create with next months Box.


Our Top 5 Winners will now face the public vote over on our main Facebook page tonight at 8pm. To vote for your winner just head on over to our Facebook and simply click like on the picture you want to win. You can vote for more than one entry.

Good luck to you all. xxx 

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